They say that life is not measured by every breath you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away. Every day in the life of Angela Marie is about creating one of those moments. From a very young age, Angela has demonstrated her love and passion for country music. Nightly on stage she bares her heart and soul in hopes of attaining the dreams of many and the realities of few…a career in country music.

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As a youth, Angela loved to sing to anyone who would listen.   From her early performances in choirs, talent shows, anthems, masses, coffee house nights, fashion shows and fundraisers, she entertained many from her community.   Her talent was highlighted in various vocal competitions as well, resulting in a 1st place finish in the 2007 Ottawa Idol Competition and a golden ticket in the 2009 Canadian Idol season.   Her largest audiences were during the anthems sang at numerous Ottawa Senator hockey games.

In 2011, as a budding singer-songwriter, she went to the heart of country music, Nashville,  Tennessee to record her first EP.   Her first single “As Good As It Gets”, garnered strong airplay in a number of US markets and the song reached #18 on the Powersource Country Top 75 charts.   Subsequently, Angela began to perform in various Ottawa establishments and was clearly being noticed by many in the music industry.   As her skills as an entertainer grew, she was given the opportunity to open for many country music stars including Rory Gardiner, Aaron Pritchett and Chad Brownlee.

In the fall of 2012, she collaborated with singer-songwriter Jason Wilkinson and producer Dan Swinimer of RGK entertainment to record her second EP in Vancouver at the Manicdown Productions studio.   Released in the summer of 2013, the new collection included a hard hitting country-rocker " Homewrecking Heartbreaker", an emotional power ballad "Too little too late" and the heart clenching "Give Him Love", inspired by a personal friends battle with cancer.   "Give Him Love" gained some radio airplay and was also commissioned by the Canadian Cancer society and Canadian Blood Services organization for various events.

Angela Marie's professional music career officially began in the summer of 2012.   The years that followed have included over 500 live performances at clubs in the Ottawa region, North Carolina, Florida and Nashville.   She has also shared her talents on numerous T.V. and radio shows and charity functions.   Angela has also donated her voice to sing the anthem for a large number of university and professional sports events.    In addition, she provided entertainment at many festivals, fairs and private parties and weddings.   

Currently, Angela Marie is living in Nashville and is writing and performing on a daily basis.   She has developed strong and positive relationships with many other country artists that are hoping to fulfil their dreams in Music City.   She has been receiving excellent responses at her shows and tremendous reviews of her new material.   She plans to produce a new single in the near future in an effort to gain a partnership with a record label.

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