Story of the Song - "As Good As It Gets"

Hello everybody! I thought I’d give you a little background of the songs on my EP coming out soon!   I wrote all 4 songs on there so this EP is really like my baby and I can’t wait for people to hear it.

The first single that will be released to stations across the states and hopefully in Canada, is called “As Good As It Gets”.  Most of the time when I write a song, I write about something that has happened to me or to my friends and it’s my take on the whole situation.  This song was kind of different than those ones though.  I was sitting with my guitar, Ollie – yes, I name my guitar…and my cowboy boots…but that’s a totally different blog post haha.  Anyways, I was just hanging out with Ollie and started playing some random chords and started singing random words that didn’t make much sense at the time.  Then all of a sudden, this picture came to my mind.  It was like I was staring at a picture or watching a movie and this song is the scene that played out in my head.  I guess deep down I always wanted to have that high school sweetheart who becomes my husband and the true love of my life, and this song is my take on a situation that could have happened if that were true…unfortunately it’s still a dream of mine and I’m as single as they come – another issue for another blog post about another song haha.

The scene started with a young couple sitting on the steps of her front porch, looking out at a bright summer day (I could describe what they were wearing and the house, that’s how clear this picture was) and the rest of the story is described in the lyrics of the song. It’s about two young lovebirds who fight against all the odds and believe in a love they know to be true.  Even when everyone is telling them it’s not worth it, and they are too young to settle down, they know that their love is really as good as it gets and they don’t feel the need to test the waters and see what other fish there are in the sea.   They have each other and that’s all they’ll ever want and all they’ll ever need.

It was one of those songs that just came naturally, I didn’t have to work too much for the lyrics, I had the image in my head and the conversation this couple was having and the picture just found its way to my paper and flowed with the melody – I love when that happens.

Initially, I wasn’t even planning on recording this down in Nashville.  I had another song that I was going to do instead but I was playing it with my dad, tweeking up little details and playing around with it and we both just looked at each other and said “this is the one”.  So I quickly recorded a demo a couple days before we left for Nashville and showed it to the guys and they loved it too!  Happened to be many people’s favourite at HMG and now it’s the single being released!  Funny how that happens eh?

As Good As It Gets is going to be the first single of mine ever to be released to radio stations and I pray each and every night you guys like it as much as I do!  I’m super nervous and super excited to see how it does!

Talk to you guys soon and I’ll have more stories about some other songs I’ve written and more!

Angela Marie