Story of the Song - "Supermodel Surgeon"

Well howdy y’all! ..I’ve always wished I grew up in a place where it was normal to say that…  Hope you guys are doing fantastic! I thought I’d fill you in on the background of another song that will be on my EP called Supermodel Surgeon.  This isn’t a brand new one, I’ve played it at shows and I’ve had it up on youtube but after it was done professionally in Nashville, it sounds 10 billion, kajillion times better – I think at least!  I absolutely love performing this song. The idea came from my friends and family constantly making fun of me for being potentially THE pickiest person on Earth when it comes to finding a boy to date.  I don’t know why I’m this way, Dr. Phil would probably say I have some kind of commitment issues or something, but I just like to think I have my standards and I’m not going to settle! Haha.  Anyways, my friends would always tell me I’m going to be the old lady sitting alone in a one bedroom apartment with cats crawling all over me – which a) is false because I hate cats and would never let them crawl over me.  dogs > cats in my opinion (sorry to all you cat lovers out there haha) and b) I believe Mr. Angela’s Dream Boy exists SOMEWHERE out there!     I would always tell them that it’s really not that difficult to be my dream man, all I’m looking for is a guy who was a model and is now attempting to be, or already is a surgeon!  I mean, is that REALLY too much to ask for?! Haha  I started out calling him my “ex-model surgeon man” and it became a title well known to all my friends.

One night while I was in bed after talking about this with a girlfriend of mine, the chorus to the song just came to me. I found my phone and recorded a quick melody of it so I could work on it while I was actually awake.  So the next day I sat down and listened to it, and I honestly wrote the whole song in about 20min.  I just pictured situations that have happened to me and my girlfriends while we’re out for some drinks, or guys I’ve met and had to say no to for x,y or z reason.   I showed my dad when he got home (you’ll hear me mention him a few times – he’s very big into music and I love to show him any new material I have to hear what he has to say) and he thought it was just the funniest thing and threw out the idea of “supermodel” instead of “ex-model” so more people would understand what I meant.  I tried it out and loved it, and he loved that I loved his idea haha win-win for all really.

It’s such a fun song to play and sing. I usually like to pick out a couple guys in the audience and tell them all the reasons why they can’t date me, and we laugh together.  I still remember one show I played a group of guys were there and really got into this song.  They’d put on their sunglasses inside and pretend to slick back their hair going along with the lyrics.  After I finished the song I remember he yelled out “What about an alright-looking law student?!”   Everyone in the audience started laughing. Situations like that are my favourite while one stage.  I love when the audience gets into the songs and dances or sings along. I love interacting with my audiences too. It makes it more fun for everyone and makes the event more memorable. So if you ever get a chance to come see me play, feel free to yell things out or come up close to the stage and dance along, I may just toss you the mic to sing for me!

So that’s where Supermodel Surgeon came from. Take a listen to it and I would love to know what you think! Send me an email or write on my facebook page!

Talk soon!

Angela Marie