Story of the Song - Like Shania

Shania Twain.  She tops the list of my musical idols - nobody compares to her in my mind.  Her songs have been the soundtrack to so many years of my life.  The Woman In Me is to this day, one of my favourite albums.  I know every line to every song and even the order they are in on the cd.  Shania is such a fantastic songwriter, singer, performer and person in general.  She's intelligent and has gone through a whole lot in her life which has helped her to become this wonderful role model for girls of all ages.  I read her autobiography and felt so motivated and inspired to continue to follow my dreams.  I was also inspired to write the song "Like Shania".  

Like Shania takes aspects of Shania's life, which I read about in her book, and the lives of girls looking up to her and blends everything into one story.  I know I have spent countless hours in front of my mirror pretending I was singing Any Man of Mine to millions of people and I also know that I'm definitely not the only girl to have done that.  

The first verse is about a young girl, without a lot of money, who has to listen to her parents fighting all the time - as Shania did.  To escape from all the violence and negativity, she puts on her favourite Shania song and disappears to another place.  I place where people are screaming her name and saying how they love her.  

The second verse is about a young girl who loves to sing and play music, but suffers from stage fright - as Shania did.  It's about her fighting her fears and getting up at open miss in small coffee shops to bear her soul to complete strangers who could very well tell her chasing her dreams is a waste of time.  To help her get through this and stay confident, she pictures the day where she is as successful as Shania and is playing songs she's written for millions of people and they all love it.  The day where she has a band of people supporting her and she can travel the world doing what she loves.  This is the verse that I relate to the most; however, I've never had a very hard time with stage fright.  I've always loved attention and I'm the first to admit it haha.  Don't get me wrong, I used to get nervous before I went on stage and before big shows, I still do.  My mouth would get dry and my knees would shake but as soon as I sang that first word, everything was great.  Hearing that applause is a wonderful feeling!  But it can be quite scary getting up and singing songs that tell your story.  My songs are like my babies, as most songwriters will tell you.  It's always nerve-racking putting that out there to be judged by friends, family and complete strangers. 

I really hope you enjoy hearing this song and the reasons why I wrote it.  Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!