Get Up, Look Up - But Don't EVER Give Up

I believe in dreaming. I believe in letting your heart take you where so many say that you can’t go and I believe that miracles can and do happen. But I also believe that there are millions of others who are probably at home dreaming and wishing for the exact same thing.  

I was at home today and just happened to do a little facebook/twitter creeping on my phone and saw that more than one person had posted about this video by a company called Unsung Hero Apparel, it really reminded me of that video that many have seen called “How Bad Do You Want It”.  I checked this new one out and it really got me thinking. It’s about success and how to be successful.  These videos show different athletes but the words and the images apply to everyone, no matter what your dream in life is.  

The music industry is such a tough business, sometimes it seems like people are setting you up just so they can throw you down to the ground and I’ve only started dipping my toes into it.  There are so many people out there who want to be on the big stage, who want to write songs and sing them for millions of people. So. Many. People.  So I got to thinking, what is going to set me apart?  What can I do to get myself ahead of all those other people with the pretty voices out playing the bars just like I am?  Work.  That is the answer.  I need to work like I have never worked before. There are people out there who believe that if they dream, pray or wish hard enough, things will happen.  And I believe 100% that success does not come to these people.  Success does not come to those who dream, it comes to those who are willing to sacrifice and put in their time and effort to get ahead of those millions of others.  I was talking with a Canadian country singer, Aaron Pritchett about the industry and how to break through the door and he was so kind and took the time to sit down and talk with me and gave me some great advice. He said that he firmly believes in the ten thousand hour rule.  You cannot be great at something until you put in at least 10 thousand hours of work and practice.  So while the others are taking the time to watch their favourite tv shows or go out to the bars on Friday and Saturday nights, I need to be writing, practicing guitar, performing, training, finding new places to play and getting my music out to as many people as I possibly can.  People are not going to listen to my music if I’m sitting on my couch at home wishing that they would.  The world does not work that way.  

I’m not to sure why I decided to write this exactly - maybe to get other people fired up and ready to work for their dreams or maybe it’s a reminder for myself that no matter how hard things get, no matter how many times people say that I can’t do something it’s up to me to get back up and keep moving myself forward, improving my music, improving my lyrics, improving myself.  

So thanks to companies like Unsung Hero and Take No Days Off for making these videos, they’ve definitely inspired me.  You guys should all check out their videos! I’m sure they’ll inspire you too :).  

Happy working everyone!