Where Have I Been?!

Where have I been?!

My goodness gracious, I know it has been ages since I have written a blog to you guys.  So much has been happening and I’m FINALLY allowed to tell you guys about it!!  I’m still rockin’ out around the bars of Ottawa - playing at places like The Cabin, Pier 21, Royal Oaks, Barley Mows and Frank Finnigan’s.  Still loving every second of it, meeting new people and learning new songs for you guys.  

Besides all that, I’ve been working on a BRAND NEW EP!!   I cannot wait to show you guys the songs on this cd.  I have teamed up with some pretty cool guys in Ottawa and Vancouver and we’ve been working hard to make these songs as good as they can be before we show them to you.  Jason and Dan have a lot of experience in the industry and come from a rock background.  They’ve definitely helped me get my sound to the rockier country that I wanted it to be, where my writing and style has been moving naturally. There will be 3 songs on this new cd, giving you a hit of kick ass country, a power ballad and a song that will bring tears to your eyes (hopefully haha).  At the moment, they’re getting finished up in Nashville by a musician who happens to play with my idol, Shania Twain. Unreal.  I feel so lucky to have had the chance to do all this and I am literally counting down the days until I can show you all.

At the moment, I’m in the process of taking a bunch of new pictures, remaking the website and putting together a band to play some showcases (hopefully for some labels lol).  This whole “revamp” is part of the reason I kind of disappeared.  Didn’t want to tell you guys anything I wasn’t sure was happening.  But things are going great! 

This is my year of less talking and more doing, so prepare yourself for a ton of music, videos and performances.  It’s going to be a fun year!