And so it begins...My First Tour!

What.  A.  Day.  The goal of the day was to get to Virginia to stay with family....did that happen?  Not so much haha.  I packed my car all up, everything organized and read to go.  I was all amped up and having a dance party in my car, hit the border just to find out that the highway I needed to take to get to Virginia and North Carolina was CLOSED!  There was no was I was crossing at this border.  It was completely shut down.  Cue first panic attack of the trip.  After talking with customs and sitting on the side of the road with a map spread open, my gps attempting to tell me how to avoid the main highway, my OnStar agent on the car phone alternating with with my mom on my cell phone to help calm me down, I came to the conclusion that I was just going to have to go back home to Ottawa.  SWEET.   So I reorganized my car and drove myself back home. Not impressed.  When I got home, I spent a good half hour or so searching the internet with my dad to try and find another way to get to where I needed to be in time.  Just as I found a route at a border further away, I happened to check the status of the i81 (closed hwy) and found out that it had reopened...15min after I arrived back home.  So, I got back in my car and started the drive BACK to the border.   Thank goodness I happen to be very good an entertaining myself.  I practiced my whistling skills, had many conversations with myself and of course, I danced and sang A LOT.

Finally, after 9 hours of driving, I made it to a destination only 5 hours away...Binghamton NY. Goodness gracious.  It was hectic but I made it across the border alive!  Tomorrow I'll make it to Virginia to visit my dad's cousin for the night and then Friday I will be playing my first gig in Charlotte, NC. 

I'm quite excited and nervous to see what happens these next 50 days!  If you're interested, I'll definitely be updating my website all the time!  I'll keep you posted! 
Angela Marie