Bright lights and honky tonks

NASHVILLE.  I love this city so so so so so very much!   I literally walk around the streets with the biggest smile on my face.  It is the coolest, most wonderful city I've ever been to. Most people say New York is where dreams are made but to me, it's Nashville.  You can feel the love for music here, you can feel the dreams of every person on stage, you can feel the determination.  To me, there's nothing like it. I'm so happy that I made a stop here, even if I didn't have any gigs.  My first night here I met some really cool people from Wisconsin and I ended up hanging out with them the next night as well.  I told them about my music and Sunday night they went to the bands and paid them to let me on stage. Thankfully, the bands really liked me and kept asking me to come back up!  I LOVE being on stage here.  I mean, I love being on stage in general, but when I'm on stage here I can't even explain it - I just feel like it's home - cheesy I know haha but those are the only words that seemed to fit. 

I started to feel a little lonely when I was in Florida to be honest, but here, for some reason, I'm totally comfortable going to the bars alone, meeting different musicians and people.  It's wonderful.   The musicians here are incredibly talented too - like OFF the charts.  There's one guitar player who I just sit in front of and watch with a huge smile.  I'm totally a superfan and not afraid to admit it :)   I'm meeting some wonderfully talented people and they've been so welcoming to me.  We've been rocking out on stage.  

I also got to play at an open mic at the Bluebird Cafe! (yes it's a real place to those who watch the show Nashville).  It was so cool hearing the great response from the crowd to my original material.  People were coming up to me saying how much they enjoyed it.  Really felt good.  Something really cool also happened when I was walking out of the bar too!   I stepped out and all of a sudden this group of women started yelling my name!  They were like " We saw you at Honky Tonk Central!  You're fantastic!!"  Then they came and met me down on Broadway at Tootsies and got me up on stage there again.  How cool eh!  Been there for 2 days and people recognized me.  Such a cool feeling! 

I'm so sad that I"m leaving tomorrow!  I'm going to record a youtube video with someone and then I"m heading to a show at the Bluebird and then hitting the road again.  Going to take in as much music as I can tonight with some cool musicians I've met. 

I'll post some pictures and videos on my site and website soon - my wifi has just been terrible cause I'm staying in super cheap hotels.  Oh!  have i mentioned I'm now a pro at sleeping in my car?! cause I am.  I have a fool-proof system that I'm pretty proud of.  My mom has even started to accept the fact that it's part of my journey!  

Alright this novel of a post is long enough, I'll write again soon!